Treatability Studies

The treatability study determines customer wastewater characteristics and ensures technological suitability and to develop wastewater treatment system designs for optimized capital and ongoing costs.

We currently provide two treatability study options:

Basic Biological Treatability Study

  • A comprehensive wastewater analysis with the representative composite sample from the customer
  • Compares the efficacy of different physical-chemical pre-treatment methods to remove total suspended solids (TSS) and fat, oil and grease (FOG) if needed.
  • Effluent from pretreatment will be treated in a jar test to determine aerobic treatability and a respirometer to determine anaerobic treatability.

Extended Bench Scale Treatability Study

After the Basic Biological Treatability Study, Cambrian conducts an extended bench scale test with the suggested unit processes, using either Cambrian’s flagship product EcoVolt or BlueCycle MBR unit with selected pretreatment methods. 

The goal is to confirm the suitability and efficacy of the selected technology, as well as establishing the ideal loading rates, chemical dosing regime, and operational methods. 

We provide a detailed report outlining the methods used, recommended sizing approach, and the expected efficacy of treatment and then use these results to create a firm price proposal for a full scale system.

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