Understanding WEPA

Under the Water-Energy Purchase Agreement (WEPA), Cambrian will construct, install, own, and operate your treatment system with no capital investment. You simply pay for performance, on a per gallon basis, and focus on your core business.

For peace of mind, leave wastewater management to Cambrian so you can focus on your core competencies.

Zero Operational Burden

Cambrian operates and maintains the system on your behalf.

Don’t Tie Up your Capital

Cambrian finances your project and takes on ownership and operational risk—keeping the plant off your balance sheet so you can focus your capital on core investments.

Pay for What you Get

Cambrian charges on a per-gallon basis and provides clean energy and clean water back to the facility at a discount to current utility rates. The costs only start when the system gets turned on, resulting in immediate operational savings for your business.

Avoid Asset Ownership, Management and
Compliance Costs

Don’t stress about the wastewater plant. Excise taxes, permits, compliance costs: We own it, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Grows with your Facility

Cambrian solutions are containerized, modular, and stackable,
allowing for flexible capacity increase without expanding your footprint.

Maximize Sustainability

Meet sustainability goals by producing renewable resources
without sacrificing efficiency, valuable space, or capital.

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or compliance needs, and we provide a solution.

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