Our mission is to make distributed water reuse simple, sustainable and cost effective.

We envision industry as an ecosystem, where economic growth is fueled
by the circular management and preservation of natural resources.

Natural resources are more than our business. We value their currency in nature and care deeply
about how they are managed. On a global stage, our ongoing collaborations with innovation
experts and industry leaders position us as a trusted partner in protecting the future of our planet.

Cambrian Markers: Measuring Our Success

Since launching in 2006, Cambrian is proud to have achieved some pretty enormous goals*. But we’re not done yet.
Below are our five active markers that we use to manage our progress and measure our impact.

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Estimated bottom line savings for our customers

leaf and water droplet icon

CO2 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide offset

water droplets icon
2 Billion

Gallons of
water treated

Cambrian container icon
125 Million

Gallons of
water reused

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Gwh of dirty energy avoided

*Data compiled December 2020.

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Our mission as a global leader is to make distributed water reuse simple, sustainable and cost effective.